NARCS - Two Birds, One Stone Later (Album)

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NARCS are an alternative rock band from Leeds, England. Their music veers from driven riffs and confrontational sneers to melodic lullabies, always served with a sense of story.

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NARCS debut album ‘Two Birds, One Stone Later’, is an exploration of uncomfortable truths, ranging from the angry politics of “19” – the number of Prime Ministers to have attended Eton – to the deeply personal album closer “Tall Grass”, a response to those who eulogise a golden-age ‘village green’ Britain.

The CD for 'Two Birds, One Stone Later' comes in a 4 panel digi-pack format with beautiful artwork designed by Ste Angus.

1. Souvenir [Explicit] (2:49)
2. Sand Child (3:23)
3. 19 (2.23)
4. Creatures (3:08)
5. Coast To Coast (3:46)
6. Collisions (4:02)
7. Karaoke (2:36)
8. High Commissioner (2:52)
9. Irregular Reader (2:32)
10. Tall Grass (8:01)

What’s Being Said…

“Stop what you're doing. Put it down. Look at me. Are you paying attention? Sure? Good. What I am about to tell you is very important and might, just might, change your life: NARCS have an album out and it is very, very good."
Listen With Monger

"I’ve heard a LOT of albums this year and this easily slots into my top 10, and for a debut album it fills me with hope for what is to come."
The Gig Blog

"[19 is] the best single of the year so far"
Rhubarb Bomb